My Minecraft Wishlist

by Craig (PythonGB)
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Been a while since I've made a blog post, hasn't it? I'd quite like to get back into the swing of things with this website so here you are, a seemingly rare blog post, haha! :)

Anyway, I have mentioned in several of my Minecraft videos how there should be what I like to call a "Builders Update".

A lot of people ask me what kind of things would be added and what that update would be focused on. Obviously, I do not work for Mojang/Microsoft so don't take my word as any kind of spoiler for future updates!

The "Builders Update" would simply focus on added a whole bunch of new building blocks so we have a broader spectrum of blocks to use with our builds.

I thought the best way of sharing my thoughts on what the "Builders Update" would be is simply by constructing a simple list...

  • Stained Quartz - More of a colourful addition to Minecraft. We have stained clay but the colours all have a reddish tinge to them. Stained quartz would have the same vibrance as wool but with the smooth quartz texture. I thought this would be especially nice for those who like to implement some bright colours into their builds.
  • Chest Overhaul - A suggestion from one of my viewers. Why not have the chest texture change according to the type of wood you use to make it? Obviously, by doing this, they'd have to disable the ability to create chests out of multiple types of planks or the recipes just wouldn't make sense. Example - 8 birch planks can make a birch-coloured chest and so on!
  • Slabs & Stairs - I firmly believe that about 75% of all the blocks in Minecraft can have their respective slab and stair variants. My personal pet peeve is that they didn't implement slabs or stairs for the new stone types (Andesite, Diorite & Granite). I'm sure they must have some inkling that we'd like these to be added in a future update. One can hope! Other things that I believe can have slabs and stairs include all the variants of stone bricks, all the woods in log form, all the colours of the stained quartz as mentioned earlier (would be a lot but would be awesome) and many, many more!
  • The Paintbrush - A simple alternative to crafting dyed blocks, one could make a paintbrush (not sure of recipe) and use dyes as "ammo" to directly dye blocks such as hardened clay, quartz and wool!

I'm sure there's loads of other things that could be added to Minecraft. I remember how "empty" the game was when I was playing in Minecraft Alpha but I can safely say Mojang have done an excellent job of maintaining the game and updating it and building the game up as far as it has today! I believe there's still loads of things they can add to the game to make it more interesting, more wildlife mobs (birds, worms, etc.), seasons (snow in forest biomes, etc.) and much more!