My Minecraft Wishlist (V2)

by Craig (PythonGB)
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The last time I did a blog post I was still at full time work as a web designer and was in May 2015 (11 months ago)! It's funny when you think about it - You would've thought I'd be able to post on here more considering I'm a full time YouTuber now right? Umm... haha, yeah... time organisation is something I'm working on as I go along, don't worry! :)

Anyway, I thought I'd share some more of my thoughts on what could be added or done to Minecraft to make it a more enjoyable game to play for me personally.

For those of you who didn't see it, I did a blog post about this previously (click here to see it) but I thought it'd be nice to put some fresh ideas down on the table, see what you guys think! 1.9 has obviously been released since the last blog post with my suggestions and 1.10 snapshots (at the time of me writing this blog post) are just around the corner so I'm personally excited for that! I've already seen some pretty cool things that will be added from the Minecraft developers' Twitter accounts! :D

Anyway, on to the list of my suggestions (some are from before as well)...

  • Stick Variations - By this, I mean having Birch Sticks, Oak Sticks, Jungle Sticks, etc, etc. By having this, I can foresee a whole load of opportunities for more interesting looking combinations. For example, what about a Diamond Pickaxe with a Dark Oak handle? Or what about armour stands having different wood textures on them depending on the sticks used to make them? How about different ladder textures, again, depending on the sticks used to make them? The possibilities are pretty massive should this ever be a thing added to Minecraft!
  • Armour Stand Base Variations - Following on from talking about Armour Stands, how about being able to substitute the default Stone Slab pedestal with something else? How about having a Spruce Slab pedestal by using a Spruce Slab in the recipe instead of the Stone Slab? Maybe Sandstone Slabs? Maybe Quartz Slabs? I think this simple addition could bring some nice things and nice combinations to builders in Minecraft. Better still, how about combining this idea with the previous? Imagine the number of combinations that'd be possible! How about using a Quartz Slab and then Dark Oak Sticks in the recipe? I think these ideas combined could be really quite something!
  • Chest Variations - This is something I mentioned in the previous post, pretty simple really - How about having different textures for chests depending on the type of wood plank used to make them? Dark Oak Chests? Hell yeah!
  • More Mob Skin Variations - A lot of resource packs have this feature now and obviously Vanilla Minecraft has made a start on it with the variations of Zombie Villagers but wouldn't it be nice to see different coloured cows with different skins on them or slightly different looking Zombies or Creepers? It'd be a lot of work for the graphics team to come up with these skin variations but I firmly believe it'd be an amazing feature to have in Minecraft Vanilla for as many mobs as possible!
  • More Generic Critters - I'd love to see more wildlife and critters roaming the world of Minecraftia, for example, birds that fly and tweet (and many different types of birds too!), worms, penguins in snow biomes, snakes in desert biomes, different kinds of fish in different biomes' waters, and so on and so forth. It'd bring a whole new lease of life to Minecraft in my opinion. Farm animals can only keep people entertained and hooked for so long! More wildlife would just be awesome basically!
  • Atmospheric Sounds - Again, something I firmly believe will bring a new lease of life to Minecraft. Sounds and music play a large part in keeping me hooked to games, seriously, I love it. Obviously, Minecraft's sounds and music have me hooked already and I absolutely love them (especially the music! Good job C418!) but more atmospheric sounds wouldn't hurt certainly! Things like hearing wind or hearing waterfalls and stuff like that would do it for me!
  • Incorporate Optifine Mod - Said this right from the off, from when I first used Optifine - "Why has this not been implemented in to Vanilla?" and to this day, I still ask that question. Optifine nowadays supports shaders too and the mod itself is designed to make the game run smoother and give a wider variety of graphics options so why not implement this mod in to Vanilla? Maybe there's something I'm missing there...
  • Incorporate Chisel & Carpenter's Blocks Mods - This could perhaps link to the Slabs & Stairs suggestion from the previous post too. Decided to combine these mods in to one suggestion because I think they'd work seamlessly together - Why not implement the Chisel and the Carpenter's Blocks mods in to Minecraft? I'm always up for having a greater choice of textures to work with and Chisel does exactly that! Carpenter's Blocks would deal with the "Add more Slabs & Stairs" peeps too! Just have the slab and stairs available as Carpenter's Blocks and boom, you're good to go with using whatever texture you wanted as the slab or stair! Also, Carpenter's Blocks have more shapes included so there'd already be greater choice for builders!

So yeah, there we go my friends! I'm more of a builder in Minecraft and I like to explore, adventure and combat too. Redstone stuffs and technical stuffs don't interest me very much to be honest but that's just me. Everyone's got their things they like to do most in Minecraft! Go ahead and tweet me (@PythonGB on Twitter) with anything else you think could be cool to have in Vanilla Minecraft or expand upon any of the ideas I've given here too if you'd like!

Who knows, maybe tweeting the devs themselves (@Jeb_ and @SeargeDP as far as I know are actively working on Minecraft PC at the moment) could result in something! You don't know until you try. Just be respectful in suggesting things obviously, give ideas, state how you think it'll work in Minecraft, give examples and so on and just remember, be nice!

That's all from me for this post my friends. Cheers for your time and hopefully, it won't be 11 months before I post again! Take care folks! :)