About Me

Welcome to my website! My name is PythonGB and I make gameplay commentary videos on YouTube for you!

Quick Facts About Me...

  • I go by either "Python" or "PythonGB"
  • I am currently 22 years old
  • I've been doing YouTube full time since mid-June 2015!
  • The first YouTube video I ever made was in December 2010
  • I am a big fan of Adventure/Survival/Sandbox games
  • The first game I properly got into was the original RollerCoaster Tycoon on PC
  • I am primarily a PC gamer but I do dabble a bit with the PS4
  • I do have a Twitch channel but I'm struggling to find the time to stream these days unfortunately
  • I like Pepsi... like a LOT... it's unhealthy... PLEASE sponsor me Pepsi! ;)
  • I also have grown fond of Tea... like VERY fond... in fact, I think I need some now! :D

Quick Facts About The Channel...

  • First video was uploaded on April 2nd 2012!
  • Started out as a Minecraft channel originally!
  • Terraria took over in terms of popularity!
  • Was actually terminated mid-January 2014 and reinstated March 1st 2014!
  • Hit 1,000 subscribers around Christmas 2012!
  • Hit 5,000 subscribers around Christmas 2013!
  • Hit 10,000 subscribers late May 2014!
  • Hit 25,000 subscribers mid July 2014!
  • Hit 50,000 subscribers late September 2014!
  • Hit 100,000 subscribers mid February 2015!
  • Hit 200,000 subscribers mid September 2015!
  • Hit 300,000 subscribers mid November 2016!