The Python Pack

Python Pack Overview

The Python Pack was developed, configured and tested by myself. There are 64 mods (as listed below) and the pack runs in Minecraft 1.11.2. It's a pack that focuses primarily on enhancing the Vanilla Minecraft experience with more building blocks, more biomes and environments and more reasons to adventure and explore your worlds!

How To Install

1) Download and install the FTB Legacy Launcher from here...

2) Once installed, open the FTB Launcher, make sure you're logged in to your Minecraft account and click on the "3rd Party Packs" tab.

3) Click on the "Pack Codes" button at the top and then type "PythonPack" in the box that pops up then click "Add". The pack will then begin downloading and installing.

4) The Python Pack should now appear in the list of 3rd Party Packs. Simply select it, click "Launch" and away you go! Enjoy playing the Python pack!