Python Pack Changelog


+ Added Hopper Ducts mod
+ Added Giacomo's Bookshelf mod
+ Added Storage Boats mod
+ Added Mouse Tweaks mod
+ Added Visible Armour Slots mod
+ Added Bird Nests mod
+ Added Mod Name Tooltip mod
* Updated the "Uncrafting Table" mod to v1.7.1-pre10
* Updated the "MrCrayfish's Furniture" mod to v4.1.2
- Made the Mo' Glowstone, End Ore & Nether Ore blocks Veinmine-able!


+ Added XP Book mod
+ Added Additional Ender Blocks mod
+ Added Chest Transporter mod


- Removed the "Simple Enhancements" mod (due to lack of permission to distribute the mod as part of a modpack)
- Disabled the body temperature mechanic from the "Tough as Nails" mod
- Made Heart Crystal Ore (from "Scaling Health" mod) twice as rare


- Initial submission to the FTB Team
- Version unavailable to the public due to the pack being denied pending permissions from a couple of mod authors